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Hello Vintage meet Antique - How to create a Home with Vintage & Antique pieces

Hello Vintage meet Antique - How to create a Home with Vintage & Antique pieces

When it comes to creating a well balanced space, interior designers are always looking at different styles and eras to create clever and interesting interiors with mix of vintage and antique pieces that will make a space look like its been there for years.

A large amount of projects that we’ve been involved with in the last couple of years are seeing vintage and antique pieces being used more and more together, with mid century meeting antique and art deco flirting with bauhaus, when you get the mix just so the look can be amazing, I firmly believe we will continue seeing this trend  of mixing old with new for the foreseeable future (especially with the current climate), shrewd, savvy designers are mixing and matching items from a various eras to piece together and create interiors that feel collected and tell a story whilst taking you on a wonderful journey.

Mother Earth

Mother nature’s influences have extended to earthy natural favoured materials, you will see more wood in the year ahead, from light oaks to dark striped wenges to bleached ship planks, natural stone to Italian marble, natural materials have always been a popular choice amongst designers, who use them to warm up interiors and make them feel more natural and homely, wood, stone and even concrete are here to stay.

Blue Velvet

So this years Pantone colour of the year for 2020 is the irresistible cool sexy ‘classic blue’, a choice that sits nicely amongst  designers with preferences in regard to this cool hues and tones. Navy has always been go to colour for designers but it has doubled in popularity over the last year,  we’re seeing more and more of our soft furnishings finished in deep navy velvets and cashmeres which are contrasting beautifully with the lighter classic blue that is bang on trend at the moment, expect to see a blue tsunami coming your way in the coming months ahead.

Pimp my hide

Sourcing custom artisan pieces remains a top priority for interior designers, they would rather find that unique, one-of-a-kind item that you won’t see anywhere else rather than go for the standard piece that has been restored to its original design, make your pieces individual showstoppers that are proud to stand out, artisans themselves are having a resurgence with designers seeking individuality for their projects.

Go Wild

When it comes to using patterns, nature and flora are also a big hit for designers, we’ve seen starting to move towards animal prints and floral motifs,  also geometric patterns have been extremely popular over the last couple of years and we predict will continue to be strong in 2020.

Hygge Please

Turning our homes into soothing sanctuary has never felt more important or necessary especially in these crazy times that we are living in, now that we are spending more time inside our homes through necessity rather than need, we’re more conscious of those little corners and spaces that we need to utilise more and make them a little bit cozier.

The thought of completely redecorating your home can be daunting and raise the stress levels to breaking point………but stay calm, there are countless small, inexpensive ways to transform your living space into a calming refuge, without it costing you the earth and turning your life upside down.

Making your space cozy and snug doesn’t have to involve the usual suspects like mountains of  pillows and throws, what you are trying to create is an atmosphere of intimacy which is always welcoming come rain or shine, and where there’s a place to set your drink down without stressing about the table.

Pass the Cashmere please

The use of soft cashmere blankets are a guaranteed way of making a space that little bit homelier, the secret is to make sure they are nice and heavy and big enough that you can use as proper cover up blankets, scattered colourful rugs will always add warmth and a sense of decadence and candles are the ‘pièce de résistance’ which will make you feel special when your sipping your wine in your beautifully dimly lit room.

Battered Seating

So you probably know about my fixation with chairs, I love them and comfortable seating is the absolute key in creating your dreamy home that you can escape to from the stress and woes of the outside world, “there is something quite special about an old battered Howard and Sons armchair that you can just flop into and fall asleep in, when it comes to comfort it doesn’t get better that a good deep seated sofa that will hug you when you fall into it, for a space to be truly cozy, everyone including guests should be comfortable when they walk in!”

Slowly slowly, take your time

So the biggest secret to getting your beautiful new home to looking just perfect is to simply take your time, slow down, there’s no rush, don’t  try to achieve a twenty year look overnight, it won’t work and quite often you’ll find that a piece that you though would look great has no place in the new scheme because its standing out for all of the wrong reasons, take your time and enjoy adding slowly specially curated and sourced items from flea markets, auction houses or your favourite shops, the journey  is long so add slowly and wisely, each piece will have its own story and a history that you will tell at a dinner party with friends, your home has never been more important than it is now so take your time.

Hello Vintage meet Antique - How to create a Home with Vintage & Antique pieces

Hello Vintage meet Antique - How to create a Home with Vintage & Antique pieces

Hello Vintage meet Antique - How to create a Home with Vintage & Antique pieces