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Sideboard or Credenza? What's the Difference and Our Top 20 List

Sideboard or Credenza? What's the Difference and Our Top 20 List

Lots of elements go into the design of a living room but one of the main focal points of your fabulous new space will be the sideboard, whether its an antique French marble topped credenza from the 19th century, or a metal fronted Brutalist floating console or a sleek mid century Danish sideboard……… the sideboard is a magical piece of furniture that has just enough scale to draw your eye to it as you walk into the room, it shouldn’t dominate the room but complement the setting, choose one with an interesting design or finish, whether its a brutalist ‘In your face’ Paul Evans sideboard that screams at you ‘Look at me’ or a subtle classy, sleek mid century rosewood sideboard by Robert Heritage with fabulous “figured Rosewood” patterns created by the gorgeous variations in colour of the grain, this single, solitary piece of furniture will be the the crowning glory of your beautiful new design, so which style and finish do you go for? this decision should be thought through thoroughly, make sure you take your time and get it right, your decision should stand the test of time and still look elegant and sophisticated in years to come, this will not be a cheap piece of furniture so make sure you get it right first time round.

Sideboards and Credenzas (they are both one and the same) have been one of our biggest sellers over the years and we’ve had just about very size, shape, style and variation that you can image, this unique piece of furniture is multi functional and is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture that you will ever choose that will complete your design scheme perfectly and better than any other piece of furniture, we are always delighted to have plenty of sideboards in stock, here are is list of our top twenty sideboards past and present:

1. Art Deco

2. Brutalist

3 David Booth Double Helix

4. Finn Juhl

5. Florence Knoll

6. Gordon Russell

7. Gunni Omann

8. Haberdashery

9. Johannes Andersen

10. Leonard Wyburd

11. Mcintosh Sideboard

12. McIntosh Sunburst

13. Nils Johnsen

14. Osvaldo Borsani

15. Robert Heritage

16. Timothy Oulton

17. Trevor Chinn

18. Vittorio Dassi

19. White & Newton

20. Willy Rizzo Credenza