Alvar Aalto Model 401 Lounge Chair Armchair By OY Huonekalu-Ja Rakennustyötehdas AB Circa 1938

Rare early Alvar Aalto Series 401 cantilever chair by OY Huonekalu-Ja Rakennustyötehdas AB later known as, Huonekalutehdas Korhonen OY a former furniture producer located in Littoinen, Kaarina & Finland. The company is known particularly as producer of Alvar Aalto designed furniture. circa 1938, the cantilevered birch ’S' shaped frame finished in white gloss with baby blue upholstery, early original version pre added 'ears' to the sides of the backrest.

Early production example from 1930s by Oy Huonekalu- ja Rakennustyötehdas Ab, Turku, Finland. Originally designed in 1933 for Artek Oy.

Artek is a Finnish furniture company. It was founded in December 1935 by architect Alvar Aalto and his wife Aino Aalto, visual arts promoter Maire Gullichsen and art historian Nils-Gustav Hahl. The founders chose a non-Finnish name, the neologism Artek was meant to manifest the desire to combine art and technology.

Condition report: The chair is structurally sound with no weakness to the joints, the fabric is tired but completely in tact with no tears, rips or missing buttons just faded over time, the frame of the chair is solid with no splits or breaks, the paintwork is chipped allover with scratches and scuffs, we love the chair exactly as it is as it shows its had a good life, a wonderful early addition that will grace any interior design scheme, where are you going to find ever another one like this?

Height: 34" inches / 87cm
Width: 24" inches / 63cm
Depth: 30” inches / 78cm
Seat Height: 15" inches / 40cm

Alvar Aalto Model 401 Lounge Chair Armchair Circa 1938