Alvar Aalto Model 41 Armchairs Matching Pair Artek Mid Century Design Finland


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Magnificent mid century design matched pair of Alvar Aalto Model 401 armchairs finished Kvadrat Hallingdal, The high-back cantilever frame offers maximum comfort. the frame contains a sprung seat, while the back is slightly tilted to provide support for the head and neck., the minimalist wings adjoining the headrest contribute to the distinctive classic Aalto design, since wood changes over time, the armrests are formed from a single piece that is then split in half, ensuring that as the chair ages, it remains perfectly balanced.

The armchair 401 was designed by Alvar Aalto for Artek in 1933. As many other Aalto classics, the lightweight and streamlined armchair 401 was designed for the Paimio Sanatorium. Its calm appearance was well suited for the Sanatorium, and the high back and small wings adjoining the headrest offered privacy for the patients. Both armrests of the chair have been cut from the same piece of form-bent birch lamella, ensuring that the armchair will stay stable over time. A sprung seat makes the chair pleasant to sit on.

Still crafted from Finnish birch in traditional methods, the upholstered armchair 401 has been a part of Finnish interiors for many decades, and in the 21st century, it continues to charm new generations.

Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto was a Finnish architect and designer. His work includes architecture, furniture, textiles and glassware, as well as sculptures and paintings, though he never regarded himself as an artist, seeing painting and sculpture as "branches of the tree whose trunk is architecture

Condition: Excellent with minor wear and marks.

Width: 24.61” / 62.5cm
Depth: 31.5” / 80cm
Height:41.3” / 105cm
Seat height: 15.75” / 40cm

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Alvar Aalto Model 401 Armchairs Matching Pair Artek Mid Century Design Finland