Eileen Gray Transat Chairs in Cream Leather & Beech by Ecart International

A stunning pair of matching Eileen Gray Transat Chairs by Ecart International, a pair of contemporary beech and cream leather 'Transat' chairs with exposed chrome joints and adjustable headrest, makers impressed marks to backs.

‘Eileen Gray’s story is remarkable no matter how many times you hear it, ’‘She’s an icon not just for women in the arts, but for women everywhere.’
The youngest of five children, Gray was born in 1878 in the Irish town of Enniscorthy. After studying at the Slade School of Art in London, she moved to Paris, where she joined the so-called ‘English colony of Montparnasse’ where many fine arts students were gathered. It was in Paris that she’d embark on a successful career as a lacquer artist, creating several pieces for the famous collector and renowned couturier Jacques Doucet.
Gray would eventually move on, becoming more and more interested in Modernist art and architecture. ‘These were the early decades of the 20th century, and we are talking about fields that were completely dominated by men, ‘Being a woman and accomplishing what she did at the time wasn’t easy. Eventually, though, she was able to break through gender barriers and make her own path. She maintained an independent vision, and what she created was truly singular and special.’
The 'fauteuil transatlantique' takes as its starting point transatlantic steamship travel and the deckchairs used on such ships. It was designed for use on the terrace of Eileen's house E1027 at Roquebrune Cap Martin, between 1925 and 1927. It was also chosen by Ekart Muthesius to furnish the palace of the Maharajah of Indore during the same period. The wooden side frames are designed with rigorous geometry, tenon joints and chromed brackets. The seat is reminiscent of a deckchair's sling with a pivoting head section.

Transat is short for Transatlantique- this chair was designed in 1927 by Eileen Gray in 1927 for the villa E 1027 in Roque brune CAP Martin, French Riviera and was based on the deckchairs used on steamships. It was originally used on the terrace of the designer's home and later was also chosen to furnish the palace of the Maharajah of Indore. This edition was produced by Andree Putman for Ecart International.

Condition: Offered in excellent condition, will only minor usage wear to the leather, no odours or smells, joints all solid, a stunning addition to any interiors scheme.


Height: 31.1” inches / 79cm
Width: 21.6” inches / 55cm
Length: 41.7” inches / 106cm
Seat height: 16” inches / 40cm

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Eileen Gray Transat Chairs in Cream Leather & Beech by Ecart International