Henning Kjaenulf Brazilian Rosewood Dining Table Model 62 by Soro Stolefabrik Denmark 1962

Monumental Henning Kjaenulf by Soro Stolefabrik Brazilian Rosewood Dining Table Model 62 Denmark 1962. This table extends from a four seater to a 16 seater simply and easily, this incredible large-scale example featuring a drop-down central tripod support base features four additional leaves the round table without leaves is 47" in diameter, the table can extend up to 126” (10.6ft), This table would also be ideal as a Conference Table or Boardroom Table and will seat 16 people comfortably when fully extended.

Provenance:  Purchased from Heal's London in 1962.

Henning Kjaernulf was a Danish designer who sold his work through several manufacturers in the 1960's. Kjaernulf's Expandable Teak Dining Table was sold through Sorø Stolefabrik, a Danish furniture maker, this rare and sought after Brazilian Rosewood dining table is an engineering triumph and true work of art.

Furniture maker Bruno Hansen founded the company in 1968. A small workshop of 35 square meter at the beginning grew into a 3000 square meter factory in 2003, acquired Sorø Stolefabrik in 2007 to further grow production capacity, after the takeover of Sorø the company moved all activities to Sorø.

Condition report: The table is offered in good original condition with only minor age related wear, minor marks to the table top as to be be expected for a table approaching 60 years of age.

Dimensions :
Height 28.5” inches / 72.39cmcm
Length (fully extended): 126” inches / 320cm
Depth 47” inches / 119cm

Diameter of table (with no leaves): 47” inches / 119cm

Diameter of table with one leaf: 66.5” inches / 168.91cm
Diameter of table with two leaves: 86” inches / 218.44cm
Diameter of table with three leaves: 105.5” inches / 267.97cm
Diameter of table with four leaves: 126” inches / 320cm

Each leaf measures 19.5” inches / 49.53cm


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Henning Kjaenulf Brazilian Rosewood Dining Table Model 62 Soro Stolefabrik 1962