Fabulous set of two x 10 cabinet (total 20 cabinets)  industrial buffed steel lockers of exceptional quality and style, each set of lockers with ten individual compartments each with brass pull handles and index card holder, can be used individually or in a pair, total twenty cabinets.

Please note: We have  7 lockers with a total 100 cabinets for sale, please ask for further details
Condition report: These lockers are in a 'as new' condition with absolutely no smells, rust or dirt. 
Steel Lockers 
Loft style 
Twenty  Compartments
Buffed Steel
Practical and beautiful 
 Dimensions combined: 
 Height: 75” inches / 191cm 
 Width: 52” inches / 104cm 
 Depth: 16” inches / 41cm 
 Dimensions individual: 
 Height: 75” inches / 191cm 
 Width: 26” inches / 67cm 
 Depth: 16” inches / 41cm

Industrial Metal Lockers Loft Style Brushed Steel Cabinets 20 Cabinets