Marc Newson Orgone Chair Circa 1993

Rare Orgone chair by Marc Newson circa 1993 finished in ivory, the Orgone chair was designed in 1993 by Marc Newson. The original design comes from a series of limited edition aluminum furniture designed by Newson in his Paris Studio “POD.” A plastic version suitable for the mass followed after a short time. The Orgone chair is a progression of Marc’s Lockheed Lounge and reflects Marc’s desire to work with an industrial approach. “Unconsciously, I think I started to leave holes and spaces because it seemed to be a workmanship and finishing of the highest quality, the inside and vice versa: there is a gap where the inside becomes the outer legs inside the shapes.”

About Marc Newson:
Born in Sydney (Australia) in 1963, Marc Newson spent his childhood traveling in Europe and Asia, before studying jewelry and sculpture at the Sydney College of the Arts. Still a student, he begins to make experiences and experiments in interior design. After graduating, in 1984, he won a scholarship from the Australian Crafts Council and prepared an exhibition – including the Lockheed Lounge – at the Roslyn Oxley Gallery in Sydney. When the Japanese entrepreneur Teruo Kurosaki proposes to produce his projects, Marc Newson moves to Tokyo, the city where he lives and works from 1987 to 1991. Here he produces articles such as Orgone Lounge, Black Hole Table and Felt Chair, which participate in numerous exhibitions in Asia and Europe. In 1991, Marc Newson opened a studio in Paris and received assignments from prestigious European companies. In the mid-1990s, Marc Newson also designed a series of restaurants – Coast in London, Mash & Air in Manchester and Osman in Cologne

Condition: Offered in good vintage condition with no breaks or repairs, frame solid to the joints, stamped to underside Marc Newson

Height 29.93” inches / 76cm
Depth 37.8’ inches / 96cm
Width 29.93” inches / 76cm
Floor to Seat; 15.75” inches / 40cm
Weight 17 kg


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Marc Newson Orgone Chair Circa 1993