Missoni Dining Chairs High Back Bamboo Set of Eight


Magnificent set of eight Missoni  bamboo dining chairs of the highest quality, the tall ribbed backs of these chairs are stunning and more akin to art rather than furniture, these chairs are extremely we’ll made and really comfortable to sit on, most definitely statement chairs which would grace any room with there overstated elegance, the drop in seat pads upholstered in Missoni, each chair with an inlaid mother of pearl logo of the letter M.

Condition report: The chairs are offered in superb condition with no faults either to the frames or the fabric.

Height: 46" Inches / 118cm (floor to seat 19' Inches / 48cm)

Width: 22" Inches / 56cm

Depth: 18" Inches / 46cm


Free delivery is offered to England & Wales

Missoni High Back Bamboo Dining Chairs Set of Eight